Who are the Real Journalists?

“Who Is A Journalist?.” Journalism Studies 9.1 (2008): 117-131. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 11 Oct. 2013.

This article talks about why journalism is not under the publics interest anymore and why people do not see it as a creditable source. Blogging has changed the ways of communication and forced journalist to change their practices. The author talks about how blogging misinforms, dis-informs, and vilifies information; journalist had this task all to themselves but blogging is taking that away from them. The uprising of the Internet has challenged journalists’ old methods. Now anyone can do a job similar to a journalist and still makes a living. Journalism is now faced with challenges of competing against other forms of media such as YouTube and others blogs. The journalist says that journalism must adapt to this new environment or perish. The lines between journalism and blogging becomes unclear to readers because one can not differentiate credible information from opinion or misleading information. Blogging is not considered to be  Journalism; they do compete against each other for the position of best informational source. Although blogging is not journalism it has caused journalism to change drastically by challenging it to be more creative and try new things to attract readers.

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