The Blog as a Multi-Dimensional Form

I do not think blogs are a form of linearity.  Linearity is one-dimensional.  I do not think any blogs are one-dimensional.  When you are reading a blog your eyes have different places to go. They don’t necessarily go from top straight down to the bottom.  There are usually places to look on the left and right.  Even looking from top to bottom there are usually things to divert your eyes to, such as pictures or perhaps text written differently than the body of the blog.  By adding video or music, yet another dimension is added to the blog.  Most blogs have category tabs and archive lists, as well as other features.  By clicking on any of these areas you are brought to another place on the blog.  This adds dimensionality.  Many bloggers add moving or changing banners or have the lead posts of the blog scroll at the top.  These devices add depth to the blog.  Even if a blogger did not have any of the features mentioned, dimensionality can still be achieved.  When a blogger simply adds color, a different font, or different size type to a blog, they have instantly moved out of the realms of linearity.

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