Restictions to visit Blogs in Military

Shachtman, Nathan. “Air Force Blocks Access to Many Blogs”. Wired.27th February. 2008. Web. 10th October. 2013.

This articles talks about how Air Force members are being restricted in their use of blogging. Since officials consider blogs to be unreliable information, they have set up bans on basically any site that has the word “blog” in the URL. Officials state that only credible news sources like the New York Times should be used by soldiers; however, many other officials including General Petraeus and Lt. Gen. Caldwell still promote the use of blogging to get information and to also help to shape public opinion. This ban has occurred even though regulation already forces officers to review every item that a soldier puts online. This topic deviates a little bit from my topic of blogger censorship but it is still important to note that people’s opinions are being silenced in the world of blogs; a place we once thought to be free.


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