A Linear Relationship


Linear writing allows organization for a story or web page  The reading, although confusing still gave the basic idea that if something is linear than it will flow for readers and allow readers to know what is coming or what you are going to talk about either in that specific post, or in other posts to follow.  Since blogs are such a free form of writing, I believe that blogs can either be linear or not be linear based on how ‘linear’ a person is.  For example, if the blogger is very type A, makes colanders, loves lists, etc.  I feel like their blog will mirror their personality.  Therefore, their blog will be very planned out, and set like a list so that the blogger writes each post on specific days and has everything categories.  However, if a blogger is more spontaneous and creative in random moments, then their blogging will most likely follow that overall personality lead.  I think overall, that being linear is good in some senses, but also being spontaneous and maybe more of a zig-zag is good in some senses.  Blogs reflect personality, so maybe the people who have more of a linear personality will have that type of blog.


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