The Great Divide: Bloggers vs. Journalist

Rosen, Jay. “The Twisted Psychology of Bloggers vs. Journalist: My Talk At South By Southwest”. . March 12,2011.

In this article the author as a blogger of courses sees the division and lines drawn in the sand when talking about the field of writing when it comes to bloggers versus journalist. And the author brings forth a eye opening reason as to why this divide has become such a popular topic of discussion. Its because of us that this divide has occurred. It’s because people in the 21st century no longer ready newspapers and are attracted to the convenience of blogs that are a click away on our smart phones or tablets, and this is the reason for the feud. The author sums up the feud by stating, “This fantasy of replacement comes almost exclusively from the journalist’s side, typically connected to fears for a lost business model.” Its because this new innovative thing called blogging has swept the cyber world and in a way is putting journalist on edge as to how can they compete. This article shines light on the reasons why this battle between journalist and bloggers exist rather than who is superior and that’s what makes this article such a great piece to add to my paper because it gives my argument more life.



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