Online Defamation: Confronting Anonymity

Vamialis, Anna. Online Defamation: Confronting Anonymity. 21 Vol. Oxford University Press / USA, 2013. Print.


I like that this article acknowledges both sides of the argument, though focuses on the cons of anonymity: it can encourage freedom of expression in those that normally wouldn’t speak their mind identified, but causes a lot of problems when the original poster of something terrible of defaming cannot be identified. In the old days, when defamation occurred, one simply turned to the publisher and author to receive rebuke. In this age it is unclear who the author is without intense police investigation, if at all. There is no “publisher” online- everything is seemingly self-published, as websites, browsers and service providers refuse to acknowledge that they are involved. It goes into more detail about specific rights that can be broken online as well as explaining how anonymity has changed over the years, and what would happen if we were forced to disclose our identities. It lists several ways to confront the problem using laws, as well as a few non-legal ways as exampled by several countries.


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