Bibliography 10.11.13

Diane Stirling |, . N.p.. Web. 10 Oct 2013. <;.



This article used a lot of outside sources in the sense that it quoted many journalists directly through out the article.  The article does not really answer the question of whether blogging is journalism.  However, it does manage to show many different journalists view on the issue.  One major thing that the article touched on was the fact that if blogging is in fact journalism, than journalists do not have to be properly trained.  This however, is not the case, but not everyone can be a journalist.  There are certain things that people without proper education will lack when it comes to journalism.  Therefore, any person from off the street cannot be considered a journalist.

Assess:  The main asset of this article is the different quotes that Stirling uses from the multiple famous journalists surrounding these topics.  These could potentially help support my paper.

Reflect:  I think this article, although shorter will add to my paper.  It agrees with most of the other articles I found, and it has a lot more outside sources than the previous articles I found, therefore it gives me a good idea of not only what Stirling thinks, but also how she came to this conclusion.


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