Annotated Bibs 3 & 4: Blurred Lines of Blogging and Journalism

Domingo D and A Heinonen – “Weblogs and Journalism: A Typology to Explore the Blurring Boundaries”. Nordicom Review, 2008 –

Singer, Jane B. “The political j-blogger”. Sage Publications, 2005.

The first article deals with the perceived “blurring of lines” journalism and blogging. The authors believe that blogging is a new form of news communication, and can be treated as journalism.  They classify various forms of blogging in “institutions,” categories of communicative effectiveness. The relationship in how people receive media has changed, they argue, and change the traditional rules of institutionalized journalism.

In the second article, the author follows the development of political blogs as a force in determining the outcomes of elections. The author cites the first use of the internet in political campaigns by Vermont Governor Howard Dean as a revolutionary force in changing the outcomes of elections. Blogs became a form of political participation, and viewed in a more journalistic light. The author refers to this phenomenon as a j-blogger.


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