Annotated Bibliography 4

Jeremiah Owyang. Web-strategist. December 27, 2011. Web. October 10, 2013. <;

Well, this is certainly a different way of looking at the shorter attention spans we’re facing. I was always of the line of thought that the short attention spans and blogs were perfect for each other; after all, blog posts are generally pretty short and very abundant for an age group facing this “crisis”. But this author thinks that our short attention spans will bring the demise to the “Golden Age of Blogging” and he shows four trends to further illustrate his point. This article has certainly at least questioned my line of thinking about this topic. I believe this information is fairly reliable (he does provide hyperlinks to show where he found his data) and unbiased (I certainly don’t think that the author wants to see the end of the blogging era). I feel like this article is sort of like a count point to my argument, something that can certainly be useful in an essay, and so I can find a way to intertwine this in my essay with the other sources.


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