Annotated Bibliography 。◕‿◕。

Smolkin, Rachel. “The Expanding Blogosphere” American Journalism Review. June/July 2004.

In this article, the author discusses the rise of political blogging. This is an older article from back in 2004, before blogs were considered a main source of information for people. It talks about how established news organizations are hiring political bloggers or creating their own. The author makes the point that mainstream media, which used to be the focus of contempt by political bloggers, has stuck its hand into blogging. The author also talks about the differences between the attitude in journalism and blogging. With bloggers capable of fixing and editing posts right away, they are more likely to spew information without fear for accuracy. Blogs are also able to provide instant reactions compared to journalism, which makes it a more visceral for the reader. Bloggers are also free from the institutionalization of journalism which gives them more a lot more freedom with what they can express. However, the author also notes how bloggers have to put something unique out there to attract an audience, compared to mainstream journalism which already has one established. The author ends the article with some speculation as to how the expanding blogosphere will effect the state of media in the future. Looking now, almost a decade later, the internet is saturated with all types of blogs, both amateur and those run by major news outlets and institutions.

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