2012 small business blogging results

Rahul Manekari, Technorati, Small Business Blogging Proved Effective for the Year 2012, Jan 16, 2013, Media, Oct. 10th, 2013


This article talks about how over the past year small businesses have increasingly started to use blogs for their business.  One of the reasons for that is the local search Google.  Google will prioritize searches to nearby local locations so small businesses are able to compete with large national companies due to these local searches.  There are 2 factors which are establishing you as an expert in your field and creating familiarity and trust with your prospects.  Another important fact is using employers who are experts in the field to blog about the business.  Using an outsider to post blog post makes it harder to build a relationship with your readers and they have a lower level of expertise in the field.

The source is pretty reliable, it’s Technorati which is a popular blog that’s trusted by many readers.  Compared to my other sources it may not be as reliable as the Huffington post articles.  However, the source does have reliable results and statistics on the increasing amount of businesses using blogs.  The goal of the source is to share the expansion of small businesses using blogs for advertisement.

This fits in my research because i didn’t consider the fact that small businesses are able to use Google to advertise their company as a local business.  This helps small businesses beat out major companies by having the better location.  It also gave me an argument that even though businesses now a days are outsourcing for cheaper labor, you can’t outsource to have a successful blog.  Having the employers blog gives the blog more credibility and gains the trust of the readers.  Also the level of expertise is higher since external people aren’t as knowledgeable of the companies products.

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