Annotated Bib 4

Jabr, Ferris. “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The science of Paper versus Screens.” Scientific American. April 11, 2013. Web. October 9, 2013.

This article stresses the different effects of reading online versus reading physical paper. It uses scientific studies as examples to explain that the two mediums result in different comprehensions of the text–someone who reads physical paper is more likely to remember what they’re reading and understand it rather than someone who reads online. The article discusses how the physical act of turning pages in a book allows the reader to reference what they’re reading in terms of the entire book. Reading online results in an understanding of the text but those who read paper were able to recall specific details better. If studies have shown that reading online results in a different form of comprehension, then online writers must adjust their writing so that it is more comprehensive and memorable for the readers.

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