Seinfeld-ism: The Perfect Pseudo-Philosophical Voice

Seinfeld-ism is a blog about, you guessed it, Seinfeld BUT it has a very intriguing twist. The author of Seinfeld-ism takes memorable and often quoted lines from the iconic sitcom and turns them into little philosophical maxims that help “make life less complicated.”  When I say “turns them into” I don’t mean he changes the actually quote, what he does is explain how to see the quote as something to help you get through the struggles do life.

Dlbj, the author of Seindfeld-ism, uses specific writing and simple vocabulary to carefully craft his insightful blog post.  The great grammatical formatting combined with a stream of conscious feel gives Dlbj a voice that sounds casual yet knowledgable. You feel as though you are being taught the truths of life but someone who has it all figured out but is not pompous or standoffish. It mood he establishes makes the post draw the reader in to a friendly and interesting environment.

Dljb ends his post with a conclusive idea, the complete explanation of the quote and how he believes the reader should use it. But he does not fall into the trap that a lot of bloggers do when ending their post conclusively. The trap is that an ending like that often shuts the reader out, and if done incorrectly can really discourage comments.

Dljb always invites the readers opinion by directly addressing the reader in his concluding sentences and telling the reader to use his advice in their day to day lives. He also makes it a habit to invite the reader back again, contributing to the laid back persona his writing portrays.

Dljb  makes very practical use of his headers and titles by usually making them the quote he will be addressing in the post. Since most of the quotes are very recognizable, or sound quirky out of context, it is a great strategy for attracting readers to the post. Dljb’s writing also clearly addresses the reader.

Overall I feel that Seinfeld-ism is a great example of good blog writing because the author has a clear voice, uses the elements of his blog very well, and the writing reflects the voice I believe the author wants the reader to hear.

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