Dis blog r gud writing :)


Hyperbole and a Half is probably one of my favorite blogs. I find myself constantly laughing as I read and sometimes quoting it in conversation with people. It is a blog with mostly humorous posts. It uses an unlikely combination of excellent writing and really campy looking pictures that are clearly drawn with ms paint. The dichotomy between the detailed blurbs between images and the childish text that is part of the image enhances both of them. The posts are laid out in a strictly vertical fashion, so as you scroll down, the “story” progresses.

The writing style has a very strong and identifiable voice that is humorous in an deadpan and neurotic way. However, an almost separate but still identifiable voice is present in the text contained in the pictures. She also makes great use of sentence variety to build up a rhythm for reading, ranging from punchy to long and lingering. Sometimes there will be paragraphs of text between images, other times there will only be one short sentence. All the writing is carefully written and fits into the idea or theme of the post. All the writing is organized in a chronological and anecdotal fashion.

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