Beauty in Simplicity?

The paintings we were shown of simple colored circles were quite interesting. What I saw from them were colored circles that formed different lay outs of a blog, newspaper, or even magazine. To me I think it presents a valid point, that presentation is really an important part of the way information is read. Sure the paintings didn’t have any information but I think that was more effective because they simply showed the layout. I found myself finding certain ones more attractive than other ones and thinking back to it now I would probably also be more interested in the content that may have possibly been presented in that format. It’s a very simple art project and yet very captivating in the same sense. To quote Apple’s design slogan, if you will, “There is great beauty in simplicity.”

This same idea was presented in the article Nude Media except painted in a different light. It shows how text can be interpreted very differently when presented in various layouts but focuses on how simplicity detracts from. It uses the example of Tony Curtis and how his picture is presented in different media along with the same article. In the newspaper his picture is the highlight, you notice the picture before the text and really attracts you into reading it. The next is on a webpage, the same picture of Tony Curtis is found in a much smaller version in the side bar of the article. The words detract from the image and while you still see it, it doesn’t have a large effect on the overall presentation. Lastly is the article without a picture at all. It is really dull and you almost don’t want to read it.

Both seem to highlight how different layouts affect a readers experience, and I completely agree that different layouts are more attractive to the eye than others. It is important to use this in our own personal blogs to help ‘hook’ readers into our writing before they even start to read.

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