The Beauty of Format versus the Simplicity of Nude Media

Kenneth Goldsmith excerpt on “nude media” highlights a new form of media that has come about since the boom of the internet. He refers to this young form of content as “nude media”. Nude media, as he describes it, is content that has been stripped of all the formatting we are used to and of all the structures that make it look unique and left as just bare or nude text. This has become a much more common practice on the internet because of all the sharing taking place. When you want to share an article you find somewhere on the web, it is much easier, and sometimes more reliable, to send someone the plain text. When you do this you remove the all the formatting that made the article pop on print or online, and you are left with text that can be easily mixed up with any other set of text. Kenneth Goldsmith doesn’t exactly say this is a negative thing in his excerpt but I think that the artist Lauren DiCioccio would definitely feel that way.

DiCioccio is an artist whose paintings are very unique. She takes printed pages, often from magazines or newspapers, and turns them into something more artistic. Well I shouldn’t say “something more artistic” as I’m sure Miss DiCioccio believes they are already very artistic, I will say she turns them into something more obviously artistic. I think that DiCioccio would see the nude media as a bad thing because she can really appreciate the beauty of formatting in printed media.

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