The blog I always like to visit is Heartifb. It is a independent fashion blogger, where it allows fashion bloggers to show case their work and they ideas about fashion. In addition, hearifb is a great tool for fashion bloggers to get an idea of what a fashion blog consists of and how they can me their own blog better .  The most interesting fact about this blog is that you’re not only receiving one fashion blogger point of view, instead you’re scrolling through various fashion bloggers posts and ideas. This gives the reader a different sense of unique ideas about fashion that is out there.

When it comes to the writing of the blog they are very specific towards the topic that they want to write about on their post. Some post are very specific towards a particular store and something interesting that they are creating such as this post  about Topshop partnering up with google to create a fashion show online. In addition, the writing on each post is not a lot and even thought that is good thing, some readers may dislike it since it is not giving enough information or that they did the posts so quickly without evaluating it. It comes to show that the paragraphs are very dense.


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