Good writing

I particularly enjoy reading the fashion blog, “Man Repeller.” The blog’s primary focus, of course, is fashion. However, it also features posts concerning pop culture and trending topics. What I like about this blog is that it’s witty. The writers post reactions to specific fashion events or icons but they’re well written. The posts on this blog are well organized, focused, and flow nicely. The vocabulary is impressive and the headlines really draw you in (or at least they draw me in). I’m rarely disappointed with posts on this blog which shows that its headers are properly used and that its content is valuable. After looking at the “Qualities of ‘Good’ Writing” and using it to analyze the writing on this blog, I was more impressed with it. The writers do everything they should do, in terms of organization and captivating the reader. This, of course, involves at least decent writing. The posts usually end with questions, which gets the reader more involved. Overall the writing is consistent, easy to read, and memorable.

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