“Good” Blog Writing

The blog I chose to analyze is BaseballNation, not because baseball is my favorite sport, but mostly because I love the writing on the blog. There are two main bloggers, but one of them in particular I like more because of his use of sarcasm and his sense of humor. There is a broad range of topics, ranging from analysis of a particular team or player (or a piece on another site) to humor pieces. Both bloggers are very qualified to write about baseball (one of them even worked for ESPN.com, and wrote/co-wrote six books!). The bloggers are specific and focused in their writing and rarely, if ever, get sidetracked and write about something else for a bit. One can still get an idea of what the piece is about even though their titles are generally very short. Each blogger also has their own voice which is fairly easy to decipher; the reader can easily tell which blogger wrote the piece simply by reading the first few sentences. The site makes use of the white spaces pretty well. On the main page, there is almost no white space since the page is filled with the titles of each piece along with a small picture.

As for the writing itself, the bloggers use a mix of short and long sentences, and they use it almost to perfection; their short sentences do not seem fragmented and the longer sentences never run on, unless it is intended to do so for humor purposes. The vocabulary they use is not overly simplistic or too difficult (if you don’t understand the game of baseball, you could still read the pieces and probably get a good idea of what has been written.

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