Serious eats has some seriously good writing

The blog I chose was Serious eats; it’s one of my favorite blogs because I love everything about food.  After reviewing the document of what consists of “good writing”, I can say that serious eats has it.  In almost every aspect of the writing, it gives a true sense of honesty of a recipe or cuisine that readers are able to trust.  The topics that the writers of serious eats write about are extremely interesting.  They write about foods around the country or world that most people have never seen or eaten before.  It gives the readers a desire to go out and try those foods based on their opinions.  For example there was a review of pizza huts new pizza in the UK, cheeseburger pizza crust.  I thought that was really awesome and just reading the title of the post got my attention.  The writer was straight forward and to the point, leaving his/her opinion of the food.  The writer introduced what the pizza actually was and wrote about why the pizza was a disaster in funny and intriguing way.  It’s a very informal and friendly piece of writing that gives an honest opinion on what they think about the food.  The other is also trying to include others to express their opinions as well by asking the readers what they about the cuisine.  Overall I would say this blog has a writing style that most demographics would like, from its writing, interesting food, and classy layout.  They constantly update and have multiple different reviews and writers working on this single blog.

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