Good Writing

I looked at a home decorating blog that I like to read called Home Stories A to Z. The post I read was about putting together a Halloween mantel.  It was a tutorial on how you can make a Halloween mantel similar to the blogger’s.  I like the voice of the blogger because it is casual and friendly.  Even thought this was an instructional post, the blogger still managed to add her personality into the instructions.  The post did not sound like an instruction manual.  Because this post was a tutorial there were a lot of specific instructions.  This is a good thing because you need specifics when trying to recreate something someone else has made.  The blogger’s instructions were in paragraph form.  I prefer to read any kind of instructions in a numbered list form, it’s easier to follow.  That’s my personal opinion.  What I liked about her post is she gave some alternatives if you did not have something she described.  So you could achieve the same goal the post was offering but could get there in a different way if necessary.  The writing in this post was definitely organized.  The blogger first gave a little background on why she wanted to make this Halloween mantel in particular, then went into listing the necessary supplies needed, and concluded with the detailed instructions.  To me, the writing in this post was good.  There was a logical order, the voice was friendly and energetic, and the ideas the blogger wrote about were clear and well thought out.


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