This blog consists of anything in regards to the question of why.  For example, why would you use a mouth guard to brush your teeth or why would you make a tanning bed out of a coffin? I believe that the right response is why the heck not. Either way is a really fun and interesting blog to look at. What makes this blog really interesting is its content. It has a really good topic to write about and then it capitalizes on it with good writing in general. The vocabulary used isn’t too big nor is it too small. Wtfstuff uses a very relaxed and simple, but at the same time formal style of writing. In other words they keep it professional while also allowing the reader to follow along and understand the concepts. Most of the time the articles aren’t all that long with is really good because its a site for fun and interesting news, not for gaining boring knowledge. Wtfstuff likes to keep their word posts short and simple while filling in the reader to a vast variety of interesting tid-bits. However if you feel like you’re missing something and you need to read on, then there is a Read More button at the bottom of their post that links you directly with the original article. Overall the writing on wtfstuff might be short and a lot less than what the average reader would care for, but it gives you vital info on the topic at hand and allows the reader to credit the original article by linking to it at the bottom.

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