Writing Style: The College Chef


I would say the writing style of this blog is “good,” but barely.  I definitely enjoy reading it, and posts are always in her own unique voice.  You can tell what kind of mood she is in from the tone of her writing.  While this is mostly a recipe blog, I like that she also throws in some posts about what is going on in her life.  In this way, I feel the blog is organized well: narratives always flow chronically, and recipes start with ingredients and end with instructions.

It’s a cooking blog, so the material is interesting if that’s what you want to read about.  She is certainly very into her work, often rambling on a tad.  Her writing is more stream of consciousness, very casual, and slightly careless.  I don’t think she bothers to proofread, and sometimes posts can be a bit sloppy.  This is the downside I see to her writing.  However, despite some careless errors or unconventional syntax, her posts  flow surprisingly well and are easy to read, interesting, and entertaining.


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