Whats Writing Have To DO With It?

So one of my favorite blogs in mediatakeout.com and they give you the scoop on all things in pop culture and its basically my go to site because they are the ones who get the story first before any other site or blog. But as far as the standard of writing for this blog, thats a whole other story. This blog has so many grammatical and spelling errors in one post you would think a toddler is writing it. But I can say that the writers of this blog are never general they have a set topic and story line and stick to it throughout the post. They also keep their post limited to a few words, no longer then a paragraph because they sometimes let photos do the talking for their post. But being that its a blog targeted to the hip hop and urban community I guess its safe to say that their use of improper language, careless writing, use of slang language ,and easy vocabulary is okay being that the community they are speaking to can connect with their post on that level. I also love the fact that this blog makes use of their white space and draws the readers attention to all the post titles by putting them in big bold red lettering which pairs perfectly with the white background and black lettering for the blogs name. Thus, this blog is just one of those blogs that aren’t meant to be the go to site for someone who wants to read post that have a large amount of tough vocabulary or serious post about politics or serious issues affecting the world. This site is meant to be a little ignorant and obnoxious because that’s who the site wants to attract that those are the readers who feel like they have a place to go to catch on the news that they are interest in. So in my opinion this doesn’t have great writing if you wanted to judge it based on a collegiate level but if your judging it based on its impact on the community a reader its targeting, I say the writing and writing style is AWESOME!!!!  Two Thumbs up for the ratchet site I love.



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