Web Blogs and Journalism: Do they Connect?

Blood, Rebecca. “Weblogs And Journalism: Do They Connect?.” Nieman Reports 57.3 (2003): 61-63.Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 4 Oct. 2013.

This articles talks about the importance of blogging in today’s society and in journalism. The author says that previously people were making claims that web blogging was the new form of journalism but in recent years has been modified to some web blogs are doing journalism some of the time.  They say that there are four different types of blog pages: those written by journalist, those written by professionals about their industry, those written by individuals at the scene of a major even and those that use the news to hear about current events. Being a journalist does not make all your works journalism. The author also states that, “to include everyone who writes anything about current events.  I prefer the term ‘participatory media’ for the blogger’s practice of actively highlighting and framing the news that is reported by journalist, a practice potentially as important as –but different from –journalism.” He points out that the blogger is using recycled information and not receiving directly from the source. He does not say that blogging is not important but that people should not get the two confused because they are different. Blogging is much more opinion based, biased and sometimes not accurate compared to journalism.

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