The Greatest Blog Ever

Hyperbole and a Half  is one of my favorite blogs to read, even though the author posts so infrequently. I’d like to think that the writing on this blog is “good.” The author Allie, when making posts writes about stories from the eyes of herself as a child. It’s really funny because she’s writing it as an adult so the vocabulary used to describe some things in the blog, doesn’t make sense for a child to use but the fact they are using it makes it comedic. The stories don’t really have too much importance, some of them do don’t get me wrong but most of them are just simply interesting. Her latest post talks about a halloween costume that made her feel powerful because she was a dinosaur and she would go crazy in it because she felt like she could, she was a dinosaur after all. You could go into this story and find a deeper meaning, such as you have the potential to do anything you want it’s just whether or not you want to access that potential, but I think she writes more to entertain. In her posts there also typically isn’t as much writing because she depicts her stories through series of pictures which also adds to the comedy. But the  way her writing compliments these pictures is just right.

As I’ve  said she doesn’t post too frequently but when she does all of her readers come back to read it because they look forward to her unique and ‘good’ quality writing.


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