Qualities of Good Writing Blog

The blog that I personally choose to analyze for qualities of good writing is http://blog.freepeople.com  this blog is the blog for the store Free People.  I like this blog because even though it is for a clothing store, the blog shows more than just the clothes, it really takes the entire idea behind the company and puts them into the blog.  I think this blog is very well written, based on the article we read, it follows many of the guidelines for ‘good writing.’

Both the writing and the posts for the blog are carefully crafted.  Because Free People is a clothing store, it is probably difficult to maintain a balance between posts about fashion and posts about lifestyle, but the blog very carefully has a combination of both types of posts.  The posts that are not about fashion also encompass the ‘Free People Lifestyle.”  Which shows that they focus just as much on these posts and this makes the blog that much better.

The blog articles are written with good use of grammar and length.  They are not to long, and have very good use of pictures that accompany each post making the readers more attracted to the blog.  The voice behind the article seems like someone who really knows and enjoys both the brand and the lifestyle behind the brand.

As far as the layout of the blog, it is very organized, at the top of the blog there are the different categories listed in which the articles fall under, this makes it easy to for a reader to go to a specific category if they want to and be able to find articles on a specific topic.  Also, the blog uses the white space effectively because the words are very uniform and they use a lot of pictures which helps the readers flow from post to post without being overwhelmed or bored.

Overall, the blog is very well written and thought about and that is why I like it so much.  The colors, pictures, and articles all do a great job of reflecting the brand and they did a great job making a clothing company blog be about so much more than just the clothes.  This blog is well written and uses the photos in a way that only adds more to the posts.  Every detail about the blog is very thought out from each post, all the way down to the color scheme of the blog itself.


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