’s Quality of Writing

The Triangle is a sports blog from sports writer Bill Simmons on his sports and pop culture website, Grantland. The writing quality of the blog is excellent. Each of the writers that contribute to the sports blog offer insightful analysis of sports. The writing is specific, usually assessing the costs for teams in their personnel decisions as well as analyzing any future outcomes for the teams.  The writing is very focused, and the title of the piece usually reflects the focus of the piece, so readers know exactly what they are reading.  Each writer has his own take on what happened in the sports world, and occasionally the writers will banter back and forth over their opinions. The site makes use of whitespace, and a large picture. The site is neatly organized, so the reader doesn’t get lost in the previous day’s posts and articles. There is even a tab for what the reader missed that dates back several weeks! The site also has minimal ads. The writing inspires debate amongst the readers, and communicates effectively towards them. The voice of the writers mixes between formal and casual, but since there are some many writers, you never know how they will write, unless you follow them regularly.


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