Good Writing?

The blog that I have chosen to examine is HarsH ReaLiTy ( I actually really enjoy the author’s ,Opinionated Man, writing style. The main reason why is because there seems to be no set style. At times it can be long sentences with intricate wording and a poetic, witty structure. However, other times it is just seemingly random blurbs. To me this perfectly fits the theme of the blog as it exemplifies how we think as human beings. We never really have a set tone or style since we are mostly dynamic in our actions and thoughts. Therefore, to see Opinionated Man write in this fashion gives the impression to me that he is being brutally candid. When he posts entries that are intricate it is because he contemplates on what he writes. Sometimes he posts entries that are less intricate because he seems to want to be spontaneous. As to his tone in his writing I would say it is very casual and at the same time very bold. The statement under the blog’s title states: “My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words….”. You definitely can’t be reserved with that sort of mission statement. However, in his writing he is not intentionally trying to start internet fights. It is more like “here is my true, unbiased opinion, take what you will from it”. To me that is very bold but at the same time very admirable. So overall, I would classify this blog as a blog that has “good writing” despite not having a true writing style. His style or lack thereof alone is very entertaining and makes me want to read more.

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