Good Writing

I think a way to determine whether a blog is good or not is to compare the author’s tone to the subject they are talking about.  The blog that I am reading is a cooking blog; she is talking about a healthier alternative to the original and very fating snicker doodle recipe. I think this blogger does have good writing. I can really see her excitement about this recipe with the punctuations that she uses; she uses exclamation points and all caps. She uses the language of the Internet to convey her feeling through writing (using all caps, emojis, punctuation). You can also tell through her writing that she is young which I personally like because I am also young.  Her use of emoi’s shows her youthfulness and also shows the reader how excited she is to post. I know many people do not like it when writers use this but I personally do. Just as I said previously, the theme of your blog should determine your tone. This blogger decided to do a cooking blog, which could go either way. The author is young but she still does write her blog using proper grammar. She does not use any slang terms or misspells anything. I think using slang is only appropriate under quotation marks. Slang should not be used in a blog unless you’re doing a comedic blog. This blogger is not doing not doing a comedic blog so she must keep her grammar correct.

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