This blog is by far my favorite to look at, because it incorporates short funny text with pictures of really cute dogs. The photos are all reader-submitted, and any captions are also written by the submitter unless made evident with “editor’s note”. Even though there is not a lot of writing on the blog itself, there is still writing in the form of hand-written notes in the picture. These are short concise posts about what bad thing the dog has done, which submitters try to make humorous, for example a cat eats a lot of objects and needs to go to the vet, she wrote “I rack up $1000 vet bills because I eat everything including hair ties and packing tape! I have no sympathy for my broke, college-aged human who rescued me from the pound! – Milo” Its funny given the extra information about what is being eaten and how difficult it makes the owner’s life because she is not able to afford it. The text is obviously not complex, and since the posts are all user-submitted the general thought of “good writing” cannot carry over to all the posts, but most use a lot of sarcasm and satire which is entertaining to read, and therefore I would consider it good because it fulfills its purpose. The best bullet from the handout that the website utilizes is ” Just the right words to say just the right things.”    Even though different people submit the posts, they are typically all the same format which is a nice feature. The blog style is very unique and definitely fun to read. Even though there isn’t much text, what is given is extremely important to the blog, because without it, it would just be pictures of dogs. That would still be cute, but reading the text of what the specific dog did wrong is really much more funny. Plus, you can compare how bad the deed was to how guilty the dog looks… sometimes it’s a lot!


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