Annotated Bibliography 3

Morril, Dan. “Fear and Censorship Drives Military Bloggers Underground”. Cloud Ave. 9th Sept. 2009. Web. 3rd Sept. 2013.

This article focuses on the US military’s approach to soldiers using social networking and blogging. Currently soldiers are worried that the government will greatly restrict and possibly ban them from using these sites due to the possible threat to themselves and national security that could arise. They know that even under the protection of anonymity, regular bloggers have been forcefully revealed and even taken to court. Therefore, for soldiers the threat is even greater given what they know. The author of the article states how the government should allow blogging since it is both beneficial for the soldiers and for the public in general as they get to see and know more about the military from a personal perspective. The author brings up a very interesting point on possible routes that the US government could take to react to the bloggers. He references how Motion Picture Association of America and Recording Industry Association of America have taken a very aggressive campaign to block and weed out people. The response to this has been equally aggressive with many people going “underground”. The author then states how he believes the government should take a stance similar to the Software Alliance (BSA). They take a stance of openness and work towards compromise with its users. They mostly ask for basic information so they can keep tabs and only do something when it is a last resort. This article is very relevant to my topic, most obviously because it shows that the threat of blogger censorship is closer to home than most would believe. It is also important to note that the government seemingly has the authority to silence people if it so chooses and that it does have the power to launch campaigns similarly to MPAA and RIAA to take legal action despite bloggers being anonymous. The threat of censorship of blogs is very real and how long before it expands outside of the military and into the civilian world?


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