The Deterioration of Physical Media

Everything is going online now, especially the news. Information is easily thrown around on the internet because it gets as simple as copying and pasting sections of a webpage. Taking things out of context happens in articles, videos, movies, really any media that is commonly used on the internet. What’s wrong with this? The source becomes nonexistent, almost a myth to the common web surfer. This is just with digital media too. The physical world of media is deteriorating faster by the second. Why go out to grab a newspaper when a digital version is published on a website? Articles and newspapers are being stripped of their old “clothing” and dressed up in newer, more accessible garments. Some view this as a catastrophic blow to the old ways of media, but in truth, I find it more of an evolution.

Reading has never been easier. Anything you could possibly want to read about is out there on the internet. Archives are easy to access, making research a breeze. No longer is it necessary for people to do hours upon hours of searching in a library for a single article that would help their case. The digitization of media is great in so many different aspects. What people really miss is the nostalgia of past media. Reading a newspaper on a lazy Sunday afternoon was an American dream. It’s something that is romanticized by the older generation. To go and touch the texture of the newspaper; to the older generation, that is what it was all about. It was about feeling the physical object right there in your hands. Lauren DiCioccio expresses this nostalgia in her various paintings. She mimics the layouts and designs of newspaper and magazine articles, except she replaces words with colorful dots. It’s a reminder of what media used to be, and how everything changes over time. That is what evolution does. It changes people, animals, even media. Newspapers used to be a center for information, but now, even artists can go and turn the layout into a painting. It goes to show how easy it is for the media to transform, especially in such a relatively short amount of time.

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