Strip Away the Pieces and What’s Left?

Now I know what you all are thinking, but I will not be talking about nude people in this post. Media is so specific and so personalized that once any part of that media is taken away, it no longer is the same article anymore. In “Uncreative Writing” Kenneth Goldsmith talks about how when the layout and customization of a blog is removed from an article it no longer has style. It becomes naked and bare. The words that once flowed with the theme of the blog just become words on a screen that have no life to them. To me an article is nothing without the right delivery and presentation and personally I find paper articles to be much easier and more interesting on paper than on the internet. However in this day and age most articles are virtual, being posted on websites rather than printed in magazines or newspapers. This virtual journalism makes it that much easier to strip away that which makes the article so interesting to read. I would be able to sit down at any computer and simply copy and paste an article into a text post and it would lose all of the familiar aspects of the original article. One could say it lost its personality. This being said, when looking at Lauren DiCioccio’s artwork, a similar aspect comes to mind. Here she doesn’t strip away the personality, she strips away the article itself, leaving only the layout of what she sees before her. She takes a magazine article and paints it with colors and shapes but doesn’t include the words. She is removing any detail of the original article and uses what remains (shapes and colors) to create something entirely different. These two aspects can be argued to be the same. If you are given an article from a newspaper or a website. This article has words, sentences, and loads of colors and photos to attract the eye and make that article more interesting. What Goldsmith and DiCioccio are showing is that if you were to strip away the color and photos you are left with a boring article that you don’t want to read but if you were to strip away the words and any title leaving only shapes and colors, it is no longer a piece to read but a piece to look at. There is no more interesting news to be read or a photo to keep you interested. That is what they are saying. Nothing stays the same when you take just a piece of it away.


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