Media without Context: the Naked Truth

The “nude media” article had me thinking mostly about how context is so important.  It’s true, if I wanted a picture for an assignment, I can grab a picture from anywhere and use words to make the picture fit in.  The wrong caption on a picture can make something entirely different.  I love “nude media” as the words used to describe media stripped of context.  We are so concerned about plagiarism, copyright on text – but picture stealing is, or should be, just as bad.  “A picture is worth a thousand words,” after all.

I already really enjoyed when nude media was referred to as a “game of telephone.”  We always refer to older stories that passed down through oral tradition as never really being correct.  We feel that today, all of our stories, text, and media can remain exactly the way they are supposed to be just because we can write them down.  But nude media is everywhere, and things are changed and taken out of context maybe just as much as they used to be!  We should be more careful to know our sources, and to make sure our arrangement of media is portrayed correctly.  Just like those old stories passed down by word of mouth, not all change of meaning is purposeful.  The reader, or viewer, or listener, has their own intake for whatever is going on.


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