Business Blogging for the Consumer

Dave Davies, Search Engine Watch, Incisive Interactive Marketing LLC, Mar. 13, 2013, Media, Oct. 3, 2013


This article is about the benefits of blogging for the visitors and links.  Blogs are more beneficial than using social media because it provides a substantial amount of information unlike how social medias only display current specials.  Blogging for current visitors gives the blogger a sense of credibility and authority over the blogs they write.  Bloggers can always acquire new visitors who need opinions on a certain topic and you can gain their trust through the blogs.  Using links  they connect to a blog gives the blogger more credibility, reputation, and visitors.  If used correctly, top editors and authors can take notice a blogger.

This is a useful source because it explains the benefits of blogging for a business to returning visitors and new ones as well.  Compared to my other sources it doesn’t give as much reliable information.  However, it does cover a basis I haven’t thought about, the readers side instead of the bloggers side.  It’s a pretty objective source because the goal is to explain why it’s important to have a blog even if there are other resources.

This source helps me explain why visitors might want to come to a business blog.  It adds on to some of the points I had in mind, giving me a few more examples.

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