Annotated Bibliography——————(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Karpf, Dave. “Measuring Influence In The Political Blogosphere: Who’s Winning And How Can We Tell?” Institute For Politics, Democracy & The Internet

This article is helpful for my paper because it focuses on ranking the influence the different blogs that are out there based on index, using the Blogosphere Authority Index (BAI). This article is written from the perspective of a Democrat and acknowledges the dominance of the progressive spectrum on the internet. The author goes on to explain his reasoning for how he developed his system for ranking. He then shows which categories he gives people ratings on and puts together a list of the most popular blogs and their rating. The article is presented almost in a manner similar to the lab report of a scientific experiment, a format that I am personally very familiar with. It also includes his reasoning on why he thinks the progressive side of the blogosphere is more successful with this. Similar to the bandwagon mentality seen on many social media sites, does the overabundance of liberal blogs influence political purely through mass exposure?

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