Annotated Bib


Andrews, P.. N.p.. Web. 3 Oct 2013. <;.

Title: Is Blogging Journalism


Through his article, Paul Andrews really finds no answer to this question “is blogging journalism” so many people have been recently asking this question.  However, he does find many connections between blogging and journalism all which prove to provide a bridge between the new and old aspects of journalism.  Andrews talks about the difference between blogging and journalism and how technology has caused everyone to be able to talk, report, and voice their opinions.  He also spoke about how they are catalysts of one another.  He also spoke about how sometimes bloggers can blog about stuff and then the news companies will get interested and do a story on it.  In the same way, bloggers who are interested in certain news stories can blog about the story in a more in-depth view.


This article is so much different than the other articles that I used.  It shows different insight and straight out admits that this question really has no answer.  However, overall it shows that there is both differences and similarities.  I think this article will really help my paper and adds many new questions that I can use.


This so far has been my favorite article about the topic.  I really enjoyed Andrews thoughts on this topic.  I think he really knows that there is a big question mark surrounding the topic, and trying to find the answer was not his goal, but instead he choose to look at the many differences and the many similarities and then bridge them together.


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