Annotated Bib 3

Baker, Natasha. Reuters. August 20, 2013. Online. October 3, 2013.


In this article, the author discusses how we use apps. Over a one year period from July 2012 to July 2013,  a study found that people opened apps 39% more often, but were only actually on the app 26% less. Raj Aggarwal, who conducted the research, stated that this is probably because apps are adapting to our shorter attention spans by giving consumers information much quicker. Vine allows the user to share videos as long as they are six seconds or shorter. Instagram has also allowed users to upload videos, but as long as they are 15 seconds or shorter. I believe that this information is credible and useful, although it does not go in depth about the research that was conducted and its findings (like my last source). This further supports my argument that social media, and technology as a whole, has lowered our attention spans significantly. It also adds the extra wrinkle into it by stating that businesses are catering to this by changing their smartphone apps.

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