nude media & paintings response


Kennetith Goldsmith emphasizes the importance of consistency and structure in journalistic writings by discussing the various layouts of the New York Times for different media. The idea that the structure of the Times affects the authority of the paper makes sense; people recognize the layout and thus trust the content. Reading the content on the paper’s website or via e-mail involves a different layout which can actually shift the readers attention to something else. An example of an article online versus in print is shown; the online version’s layout changes and makes the photo of the article smaller, pushed to the side, and thus deemed less important. Images are an essential part of journalistic posts and articles—they draw the attention of the reader and allow them to make connections with the text. Goldsmith’s point can be exemplified through the paintings of Lauren DiCioccio. The paintings depict journalistic articles from magazines and newspapers. The emphasis in her paintings is on the layout and colors of articles. It essentially shows that the layout of an article is art. Considering this, Goldsmith is right when he says that altering the appearance of an article affects it’s credibility.



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