Creativity when it comes to Post

Lauren DiCioccio’s paitining is not only appealing to the eye due to the colors, but it comes to show how creative one can be when it comes to create a blog. The simple idea of using dots to cover magazine articles or a piece of writing can turn to a completely new idea. This creativity is what attracts the eye and captures peoples attention, but at the same time can cause a few problems. Most likely Lauren have permission to use the texts, but if it was any other individual that just started to place dots on random magazine texts a copyright infringement can happen. They are modifying and using someones else work to create a new one! Before using any work online one most be aware of creative common license of the image using and also the artists rules on modifying their text or their art. 

Another observation to take in from Lauren’s painting is the color combo and play that she does with the paintings. The power of color is extremely important and has a direct effect with individuals mood and thoughts. The most colorful articles made me very intrigued and made me smile a little bit, while darker articles tend to bring some sadness and darkness. 

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