Stripping Down Features in Favor of Content

Nude media is how it sounds. The embellishments are stripped down, and the information is the primary focus for media displayed in this way. For people looking for strictly information, and not wanting to get bogged down by the layout of the blog, nude media posts are a quick and easy read. Lauren Dicioccio’s paintings are a good representation of new media. While the color representing the text can be considered an embellishment, the painting is put together in a simple formatting. There are no pictures, no banners, and no other layout techniques for her paintings, just the paint in a simple construction. Her painting layouts resemble newspaper or online articles stripped of their layout features. Nude media article says the stripping down of the work represents stability for the author’s content, and poses almost no distraction to readers. Whereas an article from CNN might include multiple commercial advertisements, colors, slow loading time, and maybe even a video or multiple pictures. However, the stripping down of commerical signifiers may confuse a reader, or lead them to not knowing the source of the information. Goldsmith does point out that any information posted on the internet will always be subject to manipulation and reconstruction, further removed from their own sources. Dicioccio’s paintings echo that idea, and we didn’t see the images posted on her site, then we would have no way of knowing they were hers.

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