Nude Media

Looking at the article ‘Nude Media’ it is interesting to think about how the text of a newspaper or blog even can be so connected to the media source.  Like the article said the New York Times has a certain layout, and when you strip down that layout, the content is really changed.  Although the story still says the same words, the meaning of the words change.  This is interesting to think about because I personally have never considered how different newspapers and articles have different formats.  I feel like people are more willing to listen to an article if it is from a source like the New York Times, and because sources know this they make their format very specific so that it is easy to see where it is from.

Stripping down an article can make it ‘nude’ which puts every article on an even playing field.  By this I mean that people will read the article and judge it based on their opinion not on the source which it is coming from.  This can be positive, because it allows people to actually think.  However, it could also be negative in the sense that people may be reading a article that is meant to be a joke or not taken seriously, but they could take it serious because they do not know where the article is coming from.

Overall, this article shows the effect of formats of blogs or newspapers, and it shows how readers of my blog may become accustom to my personal format and by taking my words out of this format it could potentially change the readers opinion.

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