Nude Media Paintings

As demonstrated in Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings, we as a society have preconceived ideas of how information is usually presented to us visually. Her paintings omit words in favor of colorful spheres, yet staring at any of them invokes the feeling of reading a magazine article or a newspaper. This is because most of the information we have read comes in this sort of format, from books, to magazines, to newspapers. Most printed documents make use of the white space between text and in the margins in the same way. That does not mean that this is the way information should always and consistently presented. The rise of “nude” media shows that stripping down to the essentials can still convey the same kind of content. In our society that is constantly shifting towards greater mobility, nude media presents a bare bones way of digesting the information with the frills to slow us down. I personally prefer reading simple text on a page without any sort of special visuals. I do a lot of reading on my phone nowadays, so nude media presents a simpler way for me to scroll up and down with all the information being laid out vertically across the entire screen, rather than having to deal with headers and various things on the sides of the page intruding.


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