What’s up with nude media?

After reading “Uncreative Writing” by Kenneth Goldsmith, it made me realized the different forms of writing and the way it’s presented.  “Nude media” is an article or a piece of writing is stripped down from its original format in a shortened and different format.  When this happens, the article loses a portion of its identity from the original writing.  Just like an article on CNN is emailed or downloaded removing everything but the bare minimum, the text.  Even the font is changed at times creating a completely different feel.  I feel that even though when the article is stripped down to nude media is harder to identify, as long as credibility is given to the author stripping the original content down to nude media is fine.

People are able to share and publicize the article even if it’s not in the original format.  The original format of the article usually involves advertisements and pictures that are unnecessary.  In my opinion sharing the bare text of an article is more convenient and easier to share with others.  The internet has shortened the younger generation’s attention span, including mine.  So taking a long article and stripping it down to a summary is more effective.

I like how Lauren DiCioccio took ordinary articles or magazines and colored in the words.  This really displays the different moods each kind of article presents just by the formatting.  It’s really interesting how just format alone is able to change the whole aspect of the article.  I’m going to put that under consideration for my blog as well.

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