Nude Media

I really don’t know what to really say about nude media. To me I never really noticed how articles seemingly get “stripped” from people printing or e-mailing it to others. For me, I always thought that the print mode was more a way to be economical and save ink and never really thought of it as an article slowly losing its “clothing”. Now that I see this though, I do believe that it is important to fully cite and reference the creators whenever the image or article happens to be slightly altered. Like in Creative Commons Copyrighting, if the image is at all taken and possibly altered, it should cite the original creator just so there are no discrepancies. Otherwise, this credit could be lost in the digital sea of information that is the internet. Once it is lost, no one would be able to easily source it as so many other people have shared it, altered it, and stripped it of all its attributes that once made it a “fully clothed document”.

The article also talks about other things that are changed primarily the text type. When certain modes are enabled, ie print mode, some of the fonts used are altered. I don’t really know why this is done but I would assume that it is only to make the article as simple as physically possible. Really I don’t believe that this affects anything since the content is the same and it shouldn’t really matter, as long as it is correctly cited.

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