Changing Media Up

The article “Nude” really showed me how vulnerable media is once it is put on the Internet. I never really realized how easy it is for people to change and modify text. Simply placing the text into a Word document changes the format and originality of the text. He really shows how it is different to printed text. It is much more difficult to make changes and take hide the source of the article when it is in a printed form. Modifying an article or an image can also take away the credibility. Since it is modified it may not have the correct content that the original form of media had; an example of this are images of celebrities online. Celebrities are always having their picture taken by paparazzi and posted online. A lot of readers take these pictures and modify the image making it completely different. A picture of a celebrity is taken in one place, cut and pasted onto another image. Anyone can modify it and repost it on the Internet. Once it is on the Internet it spreads like wildfire.  This idea of modification can be connected to Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings. She takes texts and replaces the words with painted circles. She is using the media, which is readily available, and modifies it to create something completely different. In this case she is doing no harm to anyone. Her painting really allows one to see the format of the text. Anything on that is posted on the Internet is vulnerable to modification and changes.

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