Media Gone Wild

on “Uncreative Writing” by Kenneth Goldsmith

The differences between print and web media may not be different in terms of content, but there are many other differences between them. Each type of article has its own supply of readers; some people prefer paper, and some prefer websites. Along these lines, the readers are each in their own demographic, based on age, class, race, etc. Some of those distinctions make no difference as to how the site is viewed, but I believe age plays a large role. Younger generations that have lots of social media outlets are more likely to share the article by posting a link on their facebook, or network of choice. This ensures that the credit stays with the article, as well as maintains any possible credibility. However, older generations that do not have social networking sites and may sometimes get confused with technology may opt for a different sharing method. Other than simply emailing their friend the URL of the article, which may not always refer back to the exact location of the article, some people prefer to copy and paste the plain-text. This isn’t a problem if there is enough evidence in the text that it comes from a specific source, but sometimes people could be sharing things that are indistinguishable in plain-text format. I have received so many emails from my mother that have been circulating the internet for so many years, I highly doubt the issues they are talking about are still relevant. I think being able to share from the exact website is the best format of sharing, rather than taking the text out of its context. Sometimes satirical pieces can be taken seriously outside of their website’s context, which just creates a lot of confusion that could have been avoided. Websites make it super easy to share information, whereas print text is not so shareable. Both have benefits and disadvantages, but I believe the best way to share an article is by keeping it in its rightful format, if possible.

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