Keeping Media Creative

I think Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings show us that whatever we put on a page, wether it be online or on an actual paper page, can be done in a creative and appealing way.  By substituting text for colorful dots she has turned ordinary media, books, magazines, etc, into works of art.  It makes us think that maybe we can turn our written pages, blogs, etc, into works of art as well.   The articles we read on blog layout and presentation could help achieve our works of art.  By using different fonts, colors, spacing of text, we can turn a regular blog post into a creative work.

The article about nude media, written by Kenneth Goldsmith, relates to Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings.   By paring down an article, excerpt, etc, to it’s nude media form, we have also removed all the creativity that went into putting it together as well.  It becomes merely words on a page. It’s font, letter size, color, layout on the page, has all been removed.  Even photos and pictures that may have been part of the article are removed in the stripping down process.  We have lost the original meaning and look of the work.  If you were to have just the text of a fantastic article  which originally had great pictures and a great looking layout next to just the text of a not good article with no pictures and boring layout, the appearance of both would be the same, even though one is better.  Creatively putting a written work together adds dimension and interest, which entices people to read them.


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