Annotated bib numero dos

Meadows, Laura, Perceptions of Influence on and of Political Bloggers: A Survey of Top Political Bloggers (December 10, 2011).  Available at SSRN: or

This paper covers a study of 135 of the top 200 political bloggers and discusses their influence on modern day politics. The paper includes surveys and research questions relating to influences in blog topics, differences from mainstream media, perceived strength of political influence, and how blogs differ from standard partisan leanings. . The study asks bloggers to examine their own influence focuses on both left-wing and right-wing sides of the political blogosphere. The data in this paper will be great in helping me create my argument that political blogs have significant influence on 21st century politics. The data is also analyzed quantitatively which will create a stronger argument. It also makes sure to note the limitations of the study and the demographics of the people surveyed. The paper also gives insight onto the bloggers side and their perspective. This paper is written by a doctoral student at University of North Carolina.

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